How do girls become webcam models, and what is needed for this?

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Today, working in Webcam is becoming not something taboo, but quite popular, and quite commonplace – more and more girls are choosing this profession, which allows them to forget about a stuffy office, public transport, deadlines, and so on. Webcam gives models freedom, since it can be both an additional income for students or mothers on maternity leave, and a main job with an income above average, because… payment is made in foreign currency.

What is webcam chat?

The principle of this business is that models communicate with viewers via video chat, and they, in turn, pay money for it. The girls’ task is to regularly go live and conduct broadcasts on special websites to communicate with viewers. If the model pays enough attention to each of them, she will be able to receive quite an impressive amount.

Contrary to stereotypes, working in a webcam does not necessarily involve undressing on camera – the model is required to have charisma and sociability, but it is impossible to force her to do anything against her will. Moreover, especially annoying and shameless users can always be blocked.

Who goes to work in webcam?

When we say the word “Model” in relation to video chat employees, we do not mean the same thing that models do from fashion shows or magazine covers. Because perfect appearance is not important for this job. On the contrary, any zest will help to reveal the individuality of the model and show it from a more interesting side. Absolutely any girl who is 18 years old, who loves to communicate, knows how to present herself to her advantage and is ready for self-development can work in video chat. Studying languages, psychology, going to the gym, searching for your “trick,” reading world news or current literature – all this will help increase the number of chat viewers and make the work of a web model more profitable.

The job of a video chat model is suitable for everyone – girls and women, boys and men and, of course, couples. Most often, it is the fair sex who start working in video chat, but there are often cases when guys and even couples become models, who attract more attention due to greater diversity – viewers often choose these options in search of something unusual.

What kind of appearance is needed to work in Webcam?

It makes no difference what the model looks like. Of course, this applies only to the initial external data. But choosing the right image is very important. What is much more important to the viewer is the charisma of the model, how she behaves in the chat, what suit she chose, how she communicates, and so on. If a girl chooses the right image and unique style, she can become more popular than others and earn an impressive amount.

What categories exist in webcam?

You can become a webcam model in several categories. You need to choose them carefully, because switching from one to another can cost the model of regular viewers and, as a result, income. The most popular categories today are flirting and erotica.

The “Flirt” category is suitable for models who only want to communicate and are not ready to undress. Often, any nudity is even prohibited here. Most often, with this option, the girl in the frame is visible from the waist up; she is required to have at least minimal knowledge of English, as well as the ability to carry on a conversation and the ability to hold the viewer with the help of her personality and charisma.
The “Erotic” category is also very popular, it allows the model to fully realize her potential, love her body, and feel more confident. There is much more freedom and much less restrictions in this category. Here the model can discuss more explicit topics in a chat with viewers, as well as organize entire shows that attract their attention for a long time.

What chats can a model work in?

Working in Webcam implies the ability to communicate in several formats. Below we will tell you a little about the main options.

Free chat. As soon as the model starts broadcasting, she is in free chat, it is free. At this moment, any user can visit her virtual room, give her a compliment or leave a tip, which will become her earnings. The list of what a model is willing to do for a tip is called a type menu and is attached to the broadcast.
Private chat. While in free chat, some viewers may suggest that the web model switch to a private format. In this case, payment will be made per minute at the rate set by the site on which the broadcast is taking place. Also, some sites allow “spying” – other users can spy on the chat for a short time by paying a smaller amount.

How to become a web model?

There are two main ways – independently and with the help of a studio.

If you have enough experience in this business, then you can simply register on a special website for webcam models and start organizing your own shows, without looking at anyone. However, keep in mind that you will need to provide yourself with all the necessary conditions to work and make a good profit: a good computer or laptop, a high-quality webcam and microphone, fast and stable Internet, and also arrange an interesting interior and lighting in your room. A big plus is independence and the ability to take all the income from work for yourself.

If you are a beginner model, use the help of a webcam studio. These are professional agencies that help you become a webcam model. There, everything they need is prepared for the girls: separate rooms with bright interiors, the best technology, high-speed Internet, support from colleagues and administrators, and so on. Some studios even provide models with the services of a massage therapist, cosmetologist, fitness instructor or English tutor. Of course, if a model works in a studio, she gives part of the fee to its owners, however, she can earn much more, because she will have an excellent picture, high-quality sound, uninterrupted Internet and an interesting image.

What do you need to work as a web model?

We have already described in general terms – computer, camera, Internet and interior. Both the pleasure of work and the amount you can earn directly depend on the quality of the equipment and environment.
The model can broadcast from almost any device: computer, laptop, tablet, even a smartphone! However, you need to follow some rules that will help the model work more efficiently:

If the model works from a computer or laptop, it is important to get a good webcam. The model can use a computer monitor to see herself from the outside, which means she can constantly improve the quality of the broadcast. In addition, working from a desktop computer or laptop will allow the web model to broadcast on several sites at once and make a profit in several streams at once. The downside is that the picture is static, so the model will have to constantly come up with something new so that the viewer doesn’t get bored with the fact that it’s always the same thing in the frame.
If the model works from a smartphone, it must, of course, be a device with an excellent camera. You should also make sure that your smartphone has enough space to install several applications for work. The web model must have good Wi-Fi or stable mobile Internet. But it’s important not to forget to turn on airplane mode so that no one calls the model during the broadcast. Chatting on a mobile device allows the model to change the situation – so the broadcast message can be broadcast literally from anywhere. We also advise web models to get good light and a tripod for their mobile device – then the quality of the broadcast will be much higher.

The situation in the frame is also important – a web model will not attract many viewers if she broadcasts from a room in which it is a mess, if extraneous noise is heard in the broadcast, if the picture is not of high quality, beautiful and eye-catching. You should not count on the fact that the light from the chandelier will be enough for you. Today you can easily order LED strips, ring lamps and even special lights for streaming, so you can work while showing off both yourself and your interior.

How can models prepare for broadcast?

No model will become successful if she simply sits in front of the camera and presses the broadcast button. Viewers are unlikely to come to chat with such a model. To become popular, a model must look very interesting and pleasant – then the audience will be able to notice her and linger on the broadcast, where the girl will be able to captivate the audience with her charisma and other advantages. We recommend that the model choose interesting accessories, bright and seductive clothes, and do her hair and makeup.

Then you need to tune in to the broadcast – figure out how to greet the audience, what to talk to them about in the chat, how to attract and hold their attention, and so on. During the broadcast, the web model should have everything necessary at hand. If she plans to change clothes, use toys or other objects, you need to put it next to her, but not in the frame, so as not to leave it for a second.

It is also a great idea to turn on music, which will help the model relax and enjoy the chat more.

Note that many sites encourage beginners and provide models with a free trial period, during which girls can try themselves, find their first fans and try out their image. This greatly helps “self-employed” girls who start working without the help of a studio.

Who will watch the broadcast?

Most of the model’s viewers are foreigners. Most often these are Europeans, Americans, Canadians – people who are not only wealthy, but also, unfortunately, do not know the Russian language. Therefore, a girl must take care of this herself if she wants to get good pay for her work.

But no need to worry! Since the model’s communication with the audience takes place in text format, you can always use the help of an online translator. Moreover, in many services the translator is already built into the interface. However, you can’t always rely on them only, because foreigners love abbreviations or slang words, so the model needs to know at least the basics of spoken English.

How much does a model earn?

In our region, even a beginning model can earn from 60,000 rubles per month. The good news is that there is no ceiling on earnings. It all depends on several factors:

  • how often does the model broadcast
  • How long does she manage to hold the audience’s attention?
  • how many regular viewers does the girl have?
  • how much are they willing to pay

Constant access to the Internet, an interesting image and interior, bright appearance and charisma – all this allows the model to receive a stable and high income from this activity.

Where are the broadcasts held?

There are two options: traditional webcam platforms and so-called “offline” resources.

The first option is popular sites where you only need to register to get started. Today, models have a wide choice of platforms, but we recommend paying attention to those that have been working for many years, which means they have been tested by time and thousands of models: Stripchat, Chaturbate, Bongacams, streamate, myfreecams and others.. Here models just need to fill out a form and come up with an interesting description and attach some intriguing photos. And then everything is in her hands!
The second option is sites where the model does not go online immediately. The user selects a girl based on her profile and photographs, and then invites her to a private chat, where communication takes place in video format. Usually this option is used as additional income, because there are much fewer viewers, which means less income.

In both cases, everything depends on how actively the model works, on her image, charm and ability to win over the audience. Many years of practice show that this business is a great way for a girl to feel more confident, develop her communication skills and earn very good money.

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