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This question is asked by many people who are looking for their destiny on the Internet. So, why is our video dating service better than social networks and regular dating sites?
It may seem to all avid netizens that it is much easier to meet people on social networks; there is a well-designed profile where you can get a sufficient amount of information about a person, find out his interests and hobbies, and then write messages and try to hook a girl. Even if the conversation doesn’t go well right away, there is always a chance to write at another time (until you are added to the ignore list).

Now let’s evaluate the video chat. The main thing in chat roulette is that you come face to face with your interlocutor (as the French say “Tete a tete”), but thank God we are not in France and the advantage is that you can’t put a fake photo here. If you don’t like the person you’re talking to or the person you’re talking to, you can always say goodbye to him tenderly by clicking the “Next” button, after which you’ll most likely never see him again. In addition, you are given only one chance to have a pleasant conversation, so you can practice well, and after a couple of weeks or months you will have a lot of experience in picking up a partner.
The third main reason why video chat is better is that communication is as close to live as possible, so you have a better chance of getting the contacts of the person you like.

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