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The time has come to talk about men, defenders of the homeland, who meet on Internet wires, because there are almost 3 – 4 times more male representatives who are engaged in communication on dating sites than female representatives. Look at the statistics of video chat visits and you will understand everything. If you are a young man, then you know one hundred percent who you are, so don’t waste your time, but rather read about what cunning girls you can meet on the Internet.

First of all, we will write about men who are looking for their soulmate on the Internet. They are the most serious of all categories and usually indicate their goals directly in the questionnaire (for example, it may be indicated that they are meeting for marriage or starting a family, or even looking for a life partner). It is possible (just possible) that someone was already married, but for unknown reasons got divorced, or had a relationship that almost did not lead to marriage. You just need to talk to such a person to understand whether the forces of love are acting on you.

  1. Alphonses are men who are looking for a lady in abundance, and the main goal is to gain trust, move into the woman’s house, take out a loan for her, buy a car, then crash it and run away. There can be many outcomes of events, but the main meaning is clear. Therefore, if your interlocutor is overly interested in your income, then it makes sense to think about it. In the questionnaire, gigolos mainly indicate that they are looking for a sponsor (girls of this type are called kept women).
  2. Another type of valiant men are those who offer themselves for money, you pay them, and they fulfill all your wishes.
  3. The most popular group is the preoccupied. This category includes mainly young people and middle-aged men who are looking for an easy and one-time relationship.
  4. Virtuals – people who are simply bored, they either sit at work or are in a park with free WiFi. They have nothing to do, so in order not to die of boredom, they go to chat on a dating site or video chat roulette.

We told you about the main categories of men who are found on the Global Network. Of course, you can also highlight categories, but we won’t talk about them (the ones we really don’t want to talk about are inadequate users).
The method of determining who you are communicating with is known to everyone – you just need to communicate and after a while you will know all the goals of the interlocutor.

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