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As practice shows, not only guys, but also girls meet online. Everyone is pursuing their own goals: some just want to have a good time, laugh on a webcam, some are looking for a companion for the night, some are just a drinking buddy to clink glasses with directly into the monitor, and some want to share their grief, because sometimes it is so necessary, but the interlocutor is not nearby. In this case, our video chat is a very good tool. The statement that all girls are different is relevant in this case, and to think that communication will start with everyone equally is completely stupid. And today we are talking specifically about the beautiful half of humanity.
Now we will tell you about the girls you can meet online, in other words, we will classify them.

Girls are actively searching. They are either looking for someone themselves, or they are simply lonely and cannot live without a man. Such individuals are often the first to type messages to men and look through profiles, in the hope that the prince is somewhere nearby.
Kept women or those looking for a sponsor. Here only reason can come to our aid, and if you have fallen into the network of such a girl, then all that remains is to run and run again. These girls sit on dating sites for a long time, waiting for rich young men who will take their bait. Such women are often decorated with a pleasant appearance, VIP status, and a large number of comments and gifts. Before you write to her, be sure to read the profile, because if you do not meet her criteria, you can assume that you will be wasting all your time communicating with her. The only difference they have from pro****ducks is that they don’t want to admit it to themselves.
Prostitutes or girls who offer themselves for money. Their pages in most cases have VIP, but unlike kept women, they buy it themselves. We won’t describe anything else, everything is clear from the first word.
Married women. They are clearly not satisfied with their family life, but as a rule, they simply do not want to get a divorce. The satisfaction of such women tends to zero. On the site they are looking for exactly what they are missing, but we warn you right away: you shouldn’t count on a serious relationship, but you can flirt and talk.
Virtual girls are girls who stick to the site only out of boredom, because they have nothing to do in real life, due to the lack of friends. It’s obviously unlikely that a meeting will come with such people, and in general this is the most worthless group that is not worth wasting time on.
It will not be possible to determine at first glance who is who, groups 2 and 3 are excluded, of course, but after a few minutes you can understand who is on the site and why. We also recommend that you read the myths about online dating so you know for sure what we’re dealing with.

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