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You’ve set up your webcam, made yourself comfortable in your chair… what next? It’s time for some useful tips for beginners.

  1. Registration on the site.

To register you need to pay a nominal fee. This option may not seem entirely convenient, but it is quite logical. At the first stage, you bypass several competitors who do not want to bother with payment, and this significantly increases your chances of meeting your chosen one.

The first impression of you will be based on the so-called video profile: a short video in which you can tell about yourself, what exactly you expect from such an unusual way of meeting people and subsequent communication. However, you should not take this advice too literally – the more unusual and original the profile looks, the greater the chance that they will notice you and want to get to know you better.

  1. Purpose of dating.

Next, you need to select the purpose of dating from the options offered on the site. Of course, directness is an excellent quality, but you need to understand that by choosing the “for sex” option, you will scare off those girls who first of all want to find an interesting interlocutor, and will significantly reduce the circle of potential chosen ones.

Before entering the chat, it would be a good idea to think about your appearance and the surroundings behind your back. After all, your favorite stretched out T-shirt against the backdrop of dirty pots is unlikely to interest anyone. Also, you shouldn’t expose yourself too much, even if you’re quite a sporty guy – there’s no need to rush things.

So, you’re in the chat! You can view ready-made profiles and add them as friends, or try your luck through a random search. The downside of viewing ready-made profiles is that the girl may not be online right now, while a random search will only give you images of girls who are on the site at the moment. After all, chance encounters are always intriguing and interesting.

Always start a conversation first, this will allow you to seize the initiative from the first minutes of communication. By offering new topics for conversation, you can immediately stir up a girl if she is shy or feels awkward.

The first communication online is the same as the first trip to the cinema, the first evening in a cozy cafe or night walks along city alleys. There is no need to be afraid of awkward pauses, because they are what add charm to your virtual date.

Avoid trivial phrases and questions like “how are you”, “what are you doing”, “where are you from”. Of course, finding out what city the girl is from is important and can help develop the conversation. Therefore, it is preferable to have a few unusual questions in stock in the spirit of “what superpower would you like to have”? Believe me, this is a much more effective way to arouse a girl’s interest than asking “how old are you.”

If a girl doesn’t make the right impression on you and you want to switch, be sure to tell her something like “Bye, it was very nice talking to you.” Otherwise, she will not have the best opinion of you, but especially impressionable young ladies may even take this to heart.

If you have already used all the original ways to please her, and jokes and funny stories from childhood have begun to repeat themselves, try giving her a gift. The well-known rule “a girl’s best friend is diamonds” has not yet been canceled. Delivery of jewelry is very problematic and premature, but a cute virtual teddy bear will definitely make her smile.

Don’t ask her out right away. This can scare off even the bravest girls. Let events take their course, and maybe soon you will notice some of the charm of a virtual romance.

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