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To have a pleasant time and get maximum positive emotions, there are a few simple rules. In such a difficult matter as choosing a partner (even if it’s virtual), every little detail is important.

The video profile is your business card. Be especially careful when filling it out. After all, even choosing a nickname can tell a lot about you.

It is important to choose the right purpose for dating. Optimally, this is the “for love” option. Suitable for any purpose: it will not scare off serious-minded young people (as, for example, the option “for sex”) and will not alert particularly active romantics (as is the case with the option “for family relationships”).

Video avatar. This is the first thing you will be judged on. Recording an avatar is like choosing an outfit for a first date. You shouldn’t take it too seriously; everything should feel light and relaxed. However, despite the fact that you are at home, a dressing gown and evening curlers are unlikely to be suitable for recording.

Try not to go overboard with your neckline or too much makeup. And do without languid phrases and outright platitudes. Be yourself and, of course, smile more. Next you have two options. Standard: view existing profiles, select suitable candidates, add them as friends and wait for them to get in touch. Or take a risk and start searching for someone to talk to online. After all, this is the peculiarity of roulette, you never know who you will see in the next second.

After a couple of clicks “next”, you may well meet HIM. And if this happened in front of you – HE. Handsome, smiling, funny. You shouldn’t miss it. If the guy is inactive, you should start the conversation, and the sooner you start it, the more likely you are to hook him. In addition to a quick “hello,” it’s better to immediately prepare a couple of suitable phrases. Here the choice is yours, but it’s worth remembering that the sometimes confusing phrase “Hi, do you like vinaigrette?” , makes more of an impression than everyone’s boring “Hi, what are you doing, how are you?”

Chat Roulette is a surprise chat. But even if your next interlocutor seems strange or ridiculous to you, don’t laugh at him. Firstly, it’s simply impolite, and secondly, after a couple of people you might bump into him again.

The first conversation is like a first date – it will probably be awkward. But isn’t it romantic? Relax, try to just have a good time, have fun. Even if this is not your prince, perhaps he is just a pleasant and interesting conversationalist, you must admit that this is also not bad.

Be original. Video chat is an unusual way of meeting people, which means you should act unusually. Invite him for coffee – for virtual coffee. A fragrant cappuccino will give you both energy for long romantic conversations.

Use all the video chat features. You can show him your room, your favorite cat, or photos from your high school graduation.

Don’t try to rush things – don’t immediately make an appointment with him or discuss when and where you will spend your next vacation. You can add him as a friend and the next time he is online, you will continue to communicate.

Try to stretch out the pleasure. Online meetings are intriguing. Romance can also be virtual. Arrange a candlelit evening for your chosen one, wear your favorite dress and play some nice music. And be sure of a couple of such surprises and he will be burning with impatience to see you.

And most importantly, don’t try to be perfect – you are who you are.

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